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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Hi, I'm Sarah, and thanks for visiting my page. :)

I'm an A-Level student studying art and most of my work features faces drawn in black and white pencil. I also take some pride in my photography.

I'm what my drama teacher calls a "grammar hammer" and am obsessed with apostrophes. I enjoy being angry and love Doctor Who and various other British TV shows. ^_^
  • Listening to: My favourite music on shuffle ^_^
  • Reading: The Gun Seller - Hugh Laurie (brilliant! xD)
For some strange reason I just don't want to sleep... O.o

- Available: Yes
- Age: Late teens
- Annoyance: ooh, most things. Misuse of the apostrophe always hurts
- Allergic: nope
- Animal: human, thanks
- Actor: would love to be. (But if you're asking which ones I like, David Tennant's always a safe answer :D)
- Beer: urgh
- Birthday: 23rd May :)
- Best Friend: non-existant. Sadly.
- Body Part on opposite/same sex: Eyes / smile / hair
- Best feeling in the world: getting an A in AS art... XDD
- Blind or Deaf: Deaf. Couldn't live in a pitch world.
- Best weather: warm rain.
- Been in Love: nope. :(
- Been bitched about?: undoubtedly. XD
- Been on stage?: yes. And wish to end up there again, and stay there for the rest of my life... *dreams*
- Believe in yourself?: yes.
- Believe in life on other planets: of course.
- Believe in miracles: of course not.
- Believe in Magic: I love magic, but I'm not stupid enough to believe in it.
- Believe in God: no.
- Believe in Satan: no.
- Believe in Santa: XD
- Believe in Ghosts/spirits: ... Currently on the fence.
- Believe in Evolution: no reason not to.
- Car: hmmmm... sporting green Mini :D
- Candy: do you mean sweets?
- Cake or pie?: Pi xDD
- Day or Night: Depends
- Dream vehicle: TARDIS :heart:
- Danced: I would love to be able to :(
- Dance in the rain?: no. For the reason above
- Dance in the middle of the street?: seriously. Dependant questions.
- Eggs: myeh.
- Eyes: mine are a muddy greeny hazel lol But personally I like blue eyes best
- Everyone has: life.
- Ever failed a class?: no. *cough*AAAB*cough*
- First crush: hmm... a friend in primary school.
- Full name: but the first is all you need to know.
- First thoughts waking up: why don't I register time while I'm asleep?
- Food: yes please. =3
- Greatest Fear: death.
- Gum: eww
- Get along with your parents?: very much so. <3
- Hair colour: Mine's brown lol
- Height: short :'(
- Happiness: yes please ^_^
- Holidays: Cruises :D
- How do you want to die?: I don't.
- Hate: so many things
- Idiot: so even the quiz is insulting me now?
- Jewellery: so many earrings...
- Job: none. But want to work in a theatre.
- Kids: HATE THEM. Except Nicci's family, oddly...
- Kickboxing or karate: I do neither.
- Keep a journal?: I tried but I got bored lol
- Longest Car Ride: No idea how far, but it was roughly London to Durham
- Love: something I'm looking forward to
- Letter: S
- Laughed so hard you cried: love it when that happens xD
- Love at first sight: a load of rubbish. You need to get to know the person
- Milk flavour: chocolate
- Movie: Too many XD
- Mooned anyone?: no
- Marriage: ... I dunno. Maybe.
- Motion sickness?: nope
- Number of siblings: none :D
- Number of piercings: 2
- Number: 23 :D HAPPY PRIME!! hehehe
- Overused phrases: lol. Right.
- One wish: well that would be telling.
- One phobia: phobia being an irrational fear? Reflections.
- Place you'd like to live: here.
- Pepsi/Coke: Diet coke
- Quail: what?
- Questionnaires: love them. I love answering questions :D
- Reason to cry: practising dramatic skills? (I'm actually sad enough to do this regularly...)
- Reality T.V.: None.
- Radio station: none.
- Roll your tongue in a circle?: yep
- Song: at the moment, Something Beautiful by Robbie Williams :D
- Shoe size: 5
- Sushi: mmmmmmmmmm
- Skipped school: no way
- Slept outside: in a tent :)
- Seen a dead body?: no.
- Smoked?: no. It's disgusting
- Skinny dipped?: no xD
- Shower daily?: no
- Sing well?: hell no, but I still love to xDD
- In the shower?: yes :D
- Swear?: yup
- Stuffed animals?: ...yeah lol
- Single/Group dates: never been on a date
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries
- Scientists need to invent: ooh, I dunno...
- Time for bed: about two hours ago xDD
- Thunderstorms: love 'em
- Touch your tongue to your nose?: no lol
- Unpredictable: not really. Fairly predictable
- Understanding?: Yes
- Vegetable you hate: cauliflower
- Vegetable you love: sweetcorn
- Vacation spot: erm... somewhere warm and interesting?
- Weakness: criticism
- Worst weather: blazing heat
- Walk with a book on your head?: tried it once lol
- X-Rays: is that the best you could come up with? lol
-Year it is now: 2011
-Yellow: bit cheap
- Zoo animal - tigers
- Zodiac sign: as in dog or as in Gemini?

Well wasn't that fun. :) ~

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